Who did not, that was late

Who did not, that was late <p>as soon As Russia started talking about putting the rules "the third wheel" in public procurement and at the same time thinking that there is a Russian drug, foreign steel producers to review the strategy of work in Russia. Package suddenly was not enough to build a factory later, and often unprofitable. And 2014 is increasingly in the news began to flash messages on the localization of the drug on a full cycle. Now it is already about two dozen examples. While the transaction piece, but they can give impetus to the development of contract manufacturing in Russia.</p>
the <h2>Outside services</h2>
<p>As said in an interview with "FV" President "Petrovax Pharm Elena Arkhangelsk ("the High demand for high service", p. 7), foreign companies are actively looking for partners in Russia. However, despite the abundance of new pharmaceutical in Russia, and not always among them you can easily find a site for the production of finished dosage forms (fdfs). And we are now talking about the mass production of GDF. Substance yet no Western pharmaceutical company is not ready to release.</p>
<p>the Russian producers say that negotiations can take years. Often it turns out that for both parties is a unique project, there is no clear legislative norms regulating the rules of contract manufacturing.</p>
<p>however, if you look at the transaction on the localization of foreign-made drugs for the last three years, there are companies that almost put the case on stream. For three years, "R-Pharm" has concluded six agreements with Western companies that transferred technology for the production of original drugs that didn't come out from under patent protection. Three of the Treaty (this time with Asian companies) relate to joint development and purchase rights of sale in certain regions. By the way, two of them — nemonoxacin and imidafenacin are in the third phase of clinical trials.</p>
<p>the Most active partner "R-Pharm was the company Bristol-Myers Squibb, which has recently signed the third agreement with the Russian manufacturer. Another American manufacturer, AbbVie — also prefers to work with "R-Pharm". On account of these two partners of the project. However, AbbVie is also working with "Pharmstandard".</p>

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